Our Activities

Our Activities
AERIAL is a network of lawyers drawn from firms across Africa involved in African aviation. It is a unique style of network, not being tied to any particular law firm or alliance and membership is open to a broad spectrum of lawyers – those in private practice (including solicitors, barristers, attorneys, trainee solicitors, legal executives and candidate attorneys) and in house lawyers, at airlines, financiers, insurers, government departments and MROs. All have a part to play in and can make a contribution to AERIAL’s activities.
The lawyers in the network share information, expertise and resources on African countries' aviation laws, the challenges faced and they aim to work on common themes and objectives -- for example Cape Town ratification, open skies, noise / safety / environmental issues – as for law firms, creating tangible benefits of work referral, knowledge and client contact.
This website is just a window on our activities, a central source of information. There is much more to AERIAL, including for example a training and development conference in Africa - allowing members to meet and discuss major issues of common interest, to learn about aviation developments in Africa (and beyond), to meet lawyers from major international firms and providing an opportunity for African lawyers to develop their skills and contacts – all without having to pay the fees that the commercial conferences charge.
AERIAL is also pleased to promote secondments and lawyer exchanges (between members and international law firms, airlines and aviation financiers) and to offer members the platform and opportunity to share their experiences (contentious and non-contentious) and to solicit ideas from other members.
In summary, AERIAL, its members and supporting international firms and organisations are all passionate about education, are committed to the development of legal skills for African lawyers involved in aviation and have a common desire to create a legal environment that allows African aviation to flourish and reach its full potential.